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Lykinia Vargsgård

Lykinia Vargsgård, Archduchess of Ulvsland, never found a book she didn’t like. Plagued by an overactive imagination and an acute fear of the dark, she spent nights engrossed in the volumes of her family’s vast library. Each evening at 7:30 p.m. her parents would tuck her into bed with a rather ancient stuffed bunny, lower the gaslights in her chamber, and bid her goodnight. And, like clockwork, at 7:47 p.m. she would make her way down the spiral staircase from her room, clutching the bunny, a candelabra, and blanket, hurry through the darkened north corridor, and slip past the heavy oak doors to the library.

Each morning, Lykinia’s parents would find her curled up in a massive leather armchair next to the extinguished embers of the previous night’s fire with piles of books scattered on the floor. The titles often included a variety of ancient tales and assorted volumes of history, both particular favorites hers. This routine continued for several years until a rather peculiar occurrence transpired. In keeping with their customary schedule, her parents went to wake her and noticed unnatural wisps of smoke emanating from the colossal fireplace. As they approached, a curious apparition materialized. Two ember eyes opened, then blinked. A small mouth with razor sharp fangs yawned, and an inky black ball of snarls and anger trotted from the hearth, leaped onto the armchair, and pawed Lykinia awake.

Now reader, you may be intrigued by this fluffy phantasm, and, rightly so, for he was a hellhound pup! And, unlike other enchanted animals, you never find Hellenic Hellhounds in the wild. They find you. Born from smoke and turmoil, these creatures are sent from Underworld to a select few and can be tamed with a hand-forged silver lead cured in water from the River Styx. Once bonded, the hellhound will closely guard their slumbering human and feast on the nightmares that threaten their rest.

As Lykinia grew older, word spread that she had tamed a hellhound—well, that is, if one can really tame a hellhound. And, after lengthy discussions with the other members of the high council her father decided that it was time for her to join The Collectors’ Consortium. Realizing that surviving the great outdoors was not one of her stronger qualities, Lykinia knew that she would best serve the Consortium through academics and research. Following in the footsteps of her father Björn, she left her ancestral home of Vargarna Castle to attend the Mouseion at Alexandria. There, she specialized in the History of Enchanted Animals. While she became proficient in two dead languages and four very much alive ones, wrote stacks of papers, and read through mountains of books, Hades preferred to skulk around darkened corners of the Great Library or make himself quite at home lounging in the grand fountain on the Museion’s grounds.

Upon graduation, she and Hades returned north where she became the Consortium’s Historian Commander-General and Supreme Researcher. When not tracing the lineage and historical locations of clandestine species of enchanted animal, Lykinia enjoys giving guest lectures, eating every variety of cheese, and collecting taxidermy. Hades’s hobbies include, nipping recalcitrant students during Lykinia’s lectures, munching on burning coals, and hoarding green bouncy balls.